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Bed Bugs Control


D2 Bed Bugs Control

Bed Bug Cause painful bites as they suck the blood while people sleep. Usually found in unhygienic and poorly ventilated areas.

Bed Bugs usually live with human beings in their homes, offices, hotels & guest houses. The Bed Bugs enter in the flat/ premises by following ways:

1) Corrugated Cartons

2) Laundry clothes

3) Flower Bokay

4) Bags of maid servant

5) School Bags etc.

Once they gain entry in the premises the bed bugs rapidly multiply and usually hide in the crakes and crevices, beds, beddings etc.

Bed bugs suck human blood & cause pain to the human being. The bed bugs lay eggs under the beddings and they prefer to live close to the human beings for proximity (human blood).

Mode of Treatment:

Spraying activity is carried out in bed rooms & living rooms where the bed bugs normally hide.

The insecticide has a broad spectrum activity, very strong flushing action, knock down action, long residual effect and no objectionable door.

The insecticides used for Bed bugs treatment is very highly effective and the treatment should be carried out in two stages.

1ST SERVICE: This service will flush out all adult bed bugs and gives very good knockdown effect, thereby controlling the adult bed bugs.

The bugs which are in egg stage are not killed as the contact insecticide is not effective in egg stage.

We have to repeat the 2ND SERVICE within 15 to 18 days. The 2nd service helps to eliminate the new breed of bed bugs which were in egg stage during the 1st service .This mode of treatment helps to gain enough control & reduces the menace of bed bugs.