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Rodent Control


D2 Rodent Control

Rats and mice spread disease and cause damage to property. Our comprehensive rodent control programme using a range of rodenticides is both equally safe and effective.

Various species, of Rodents have different behaviour patterns, are very active at different times of day/night and are carriers of various pathogens causing diseases like Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Plague, Typhus Fever, Trichinosis etc. Their active presence in human dwelling in general heightens the danger of contamination and infection.

Rats-Know some facts

• Rats can multiply very rapidly.

• Can gnaw through pipes, bricks, wood etc. with chisel like teeth.

• They deprive people of food grains, through contamination.

• They are carriers of more than 40 dreaded diseases.

• They damage buildings, godowns, bunds, irrigation canals and disrupt communication through their burrowing and gnawing habits. Losses caused by short circuiting of wires cannot be quantified. BPC tackles the rodent problem at its roots. BPC undertakes rodent control of food processing plants, warehouses, pharmaceutical plants, poultry farms etc.

This service comprises of baiting, trapping and fumigation of burrows. The control of rodents involves the study of the type of rodents, their habits, behaviour and harborage. We propose to carry out rodent control by using any one of the following methods.

1. Baiting with anticoagulant rodenticide.

2. Trapping as necessary.

3. Fumigation of burrows.

4. Installation of Rat Guards.

In the event of increase in the population of the rodents, we will carry out again an intensive programme to control the rodents.

Rodent Control programme is carried out on daily basis for a week or 10 days and once the control is achieved then the maintenance is done by treating the area once in 15 days. Though we have mentioned 24 services p.a. in actual we render almost 34-40 services.

Installation of Rat Guards:

(For society buildings/ commercial and industrial premises)

Rat Guard is made of metal sheet which is fitted in INVERTED CONE shape around pipes to restrict rats from climbing to upper floors.

Generally Rats have a tendency to climb through the pipes & enter flats/ premises on upper floors in search of food.

Once the society bldg. / commercial & industrial premises get d Rat Guards installed, this will prevent rodent menace of the upper floors

Regular Rodent Control (AMC) should be done to control the rats in the open area inside the compound.