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Termite Control


D2 Termite Control

Anti-termite treatment to protect building structures & contents. Termites attack and destroy wood, paper, clothing and several other materials that contain cellulose and are a threat to the entire property. Termite treatment should be preferably carried out during construction, but can also be effective on finished buildings.

Termites or white-ants as they are popularly known are one of the most destructive pests to inhabit this planet even before man. They are basically sub-terranean or ground-nesting species and cause wide spread damage worth several crores of rupees annually.

Termites feed on cellulose materials such as wood, textiles, paper, etc. in turn posing danger to buildings, housing, homes, hotels, offices etc. Where they can find wood and other cellulose material.

In order to prevent termites from causing serious damage to the buildings under construction / existing buildings and to protect the woodwork and your expensive interiors it is necessary to resort to the following modes of treatment.


In new construction, the soil around and underneath the building is treated at the time of construction, in stages, with a potent soil toxicant forming an impregnable chemical barrier that prevents termite entry. This service is backed by a 5 years service warranty.

At present all industrial , commercial and residential complex are made of reinforced concrete cement structures. The land being the breeding place subterranean termites. Hence, in order to prevent this, barriers are to be created 500 mm (20 inches) below the ground level, i.e. in the foundation itself. Our treatment for such subterranean termites is as follows:

Mode of Treatment:

1. The vertical surface (Column) of submerged structure will be treated with the anti-termite chemicals.

2. The plinth level when filled with earth will also be treated before laying of the sand bed or sub-grade.

3. The junctions of inner walls and floors are to be treated at the plinth level.

4. The external perimeter in contact with the ground level will also be treated.

This administration of chemicals at various levels prevents the entry of subterranean termites from earth to the R.C.C. structures.

This treatment carries a service warrantee of FIVE years.


Anti-termite treatment of infested buildings requires a high degree of expertise and structural knowledge. The work involved consists not only of termite eradication but also preventive measure against re-infestation. Post-construction termite treatment is backed by a 5 year service guarantee

Mode of treatment:

1. Injecting termiticide into termite tubes on the outer surface of walls, etc.

2. Drilling holes at the junction of walls and floors at a permissible distance of 1-2 ft. and impregnating these holes with termiticide so as to create a chemical barrier impervious to termite entry.

3. Trenching along the external perimeter of the building and pouring chemical to create a chemical collar all around the building to prevent termites from infiltrating into the building. This treatment carries a service warrantee of one /two/ Five years.

4. The new generation termiticide act as killing fields and systematic insecticide with contact and stomach action.


• Non –repellent insecticides, hence termites fail to detect gaps in the chemical barrier and are directly exposed to the chemical even in improper application situation.

• Insecticide does not kill termites immediately on contact and allows more termites to get exposed to treated soil, thus giving a better control.

• Exposed termites transfer toxicant to nest mates not directly exposed to termicide , causing indirect mortality.

• Odorless /Hassel free & Safe.


The beetle lay eggs in the pores or in any cracks or crevices in wood. The larva or grubs develops from them bore into wood for shelter and food, leaving the undigested material in the form of dust. After periods ranging from a few months to few years, the larva turns to pupa and later into wings insects which emerge through the holes and spread the infestation.

We at BPC provide you with expertise service to your woodwork and save your money by treating the woodwork and your interiors with oil based chemical spray to eradicate the menace of termites and seal the entry of Termites in your woodwork. We at BPC have enough experience to do these jobs professionally.


The woodwork and your expensive interior is the first target and as you are aware that dry-wood termites are Voracious eaters of wood and other cellulous material, you will notice the damage only after considerable destruction is caused by these termites. The trace of termites can be seen only after your entire woodwork is damaged and destroyed beyond repair; thus compelling you to suffer the huge loss and to incur further heavy expenses to do your interior all over again.