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Cockroach Control


D2 Cockroach Control

Are filthy and contaminate food; cause diseases such as gastroenteritis, cholera, food poisoning and leprosy.

A comprehensive treatment against insects like cockroaches, spiders, ants, silverfish and other crawling insects that pose a problem to offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories and homes , and the problem could be greater than most people realize, because such pests not only cause for annoyance, but also carry diseases that could prove near-fatal! Especially Stores foodstuffs are easily fouled and contaminated by these pests.


We carry out following types of treatment

a) Gel Treatment / Odorless insecticide spray.

b) Regular pest control using insecticides with odor (For Gully traps/drainages/storm water drains).

Gel Treatment/ Odorless spray (AMC for Commercial / Industrial Premises, Residential Complex):

• The Gel Treatment works effectively on cockroaches & is totally odorless, hassle-free, safe & effective.

• This treatment when carried out has cascading effect on cockroaches and eliminates them totally.

• No need to empty out kitchen or vacant premises when this Gel is used has residual effect of about 4 months.

• We will carry out odorless insecticide spray to effectively control other crawling insects like red & black ants, silver fish etc.